"It will be important for you to have the Official Voxel Box Texture Packs installed. Guests should default to the Palceon Pack, and their title screen should look like this before they log in."
"Building is what it's all about in Guest Zone. Make sure you check out some the custom Tools (like this handy Dooplicator here) and Commands before you start building!"
How to VoxelBox
Filmed and acted by thedeadlybutter, voiced by Gorthog


Server Status


Getting Ready to Play

  • General: Can you tell me a little more about the The Voxel Box? What sort of people enjoy playing on this server?
  • Guidelines: Are there any basic rules I should know?

Server Orientation

  • Commands: What kinds of commands can I use?
  • Flying: Players are allowed to fly with client modifications (like those conveniently included in the The VoxelModPack.)

Building as a Guest

  • Items & Blocks: Where can I get VoxelGET so I can spawn items for myself?
  • Grading & Rubric: While not the end all be all of grading, the Whitelist Grading Rubric is a fantastic source of information that may certainly help you in identifying what who looks for in what.
  • Creative Mode: Minecraft's standard Creative mode is not available to guests on The Voxel Box. Guests should instead use the tools for more efficient and faster building.

Travel & Tourism

  • Videos: You may record videos while logged into the server, but you must let players know in the chat log when they are being recorded.

Other Questions

  • Survival: There is no traditional Minecraft survival or PvP play on the Voxel Box, there are only very rarely any monsters, and it's nearly impossible to die.
  • World File: Sorry, the world file is not available for distribution, but we do occasionally release Schematics. Players found to be seeking copies of the world file may be banned without warning.
  • Voice Chat: We operate a Mumble server for Members and the occasional Guest.
  • IRC: We also have an IRC channel which you can visit, if you prefer to use that. Mumble will usually have more members on at all times, however.
  • Other Games: Do members of the VoxelBox play games other than Minecraft? We sure do!