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Dinnes, basking in the sun over Cascade
Vital statistics
Rank: Member
Race: Human
Notable builds: Cascade, Puerto San Padre
Known Aliases: Dinn, Din

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Dinnes4 was whitelisted on the 2nd of January, 2012, on the eve of the release of the New Worlds. Noting that the Great Cathedral of Zarrg had not yet been whitelisted, he asked Ridgedog to move it to the new guest area so he could finish it. Having explored it thoroughly and responding with "This is cool,", Ridge whitelisted Dinnes, stating triumphantly that he now wouldn't have to bother moving it. From here Dinnes moved through several cities, including Aldermeld and a brief spell in Lucente, constructing the odd building to learn of the ways of the Wild West. Feeling confident enough, he finally created Cascade, after having searched for almost two hours for a suitable location.

As well as competing in several buildoffs, Dinnes has seen Cascade merged with Tacaes thanks to generous world editing help from ELEVn. He hopes to expand Cascade hugely with time, although having been recruited by _brent on the 18th of February to work in Ithea, he will be focusing more on that.

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Full List of creations


New Worlds

(Chronological Order)

  • Dinnes' Goods Emporium in Aldermeld
  • Dinnes' Mansion in Aldermeld
  • Briefly worked on the fortress in Lucente
  • The City of Cascade
  • Helped design the Rail Line between Lucente and Cascade
  • FortunateKing's Spanish Colonial Mansion Interior (currently in boxel 50)
  • Various Spanish Colonial buildings (currently in boxel)

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My Whitelist Build Upper Cascade Overview Upper Cascade Overview #2
Dinnes' Whitelist build, the Great Cathedral of Zarrrg, now presumed lost in the chasm of Ridge's recycling bin
A bird's-eye view of Cascade
Another picture showing the majority of Upper Cascade
Lower Cascade Cascade's Cathedral Jorgensenn Park
A scene of Lower Cascade, showing the fishing area and marketplace
Cascade's Great Cathedral, originally designed for Tacaes
This shows the famous Jorgensenn Park, and behind it, Cascade's renowned Restaurant District

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Build-Off Record


Host Theme Build Result
Rosedragon Flowers and Bushes Spiralling Rose Not Placed
Sedentary Gecko Voxel Metro Design N/A Not Placed
Rosedragon Boat design competition Galleon thing 4th
Rosedragon Organix House construction (style had to fit in with a sample one) Mountainside Home (started halfway through) 2nd Place