Vital statistics
Approximate Coordinates: Holocene
Founded: Reimagined on 12/04/2013
Curator(s): Sounas
Major Contributors:
Travel: Too WIP as of now
Permits: The Contributors to Kathos

Kathos is a region in the south-east of the Holocene, curated by Sounas and Evaderbaker. Its style is characterized by low-fantasy, meaning that realism will play a big role in respectively the architecture, the landscape and the spatial planning. Projects will not be separated by arbitrary mountains or canals, but will actually be integrated with each other. This means that there will be roads, natural phenomenons and other features connecting projects; we are trying to achieve a region which feels immersive when one would walk through it.

Kathos refers to the actual landmass of the continent, while the political entities on it may have different names. According to the lore, these political entities are not all at peace with each other anymore, and each have their own part in the civil war that is tearing Kathos apart. Currently imperial troops from the Kingdom of Vaerendos (historically the cultural and political capital of the Kathian commonwealth) have managed to regain some lost provinces; but war remains a daily event for many people. This civil war will play a large role in the design and layout of the continent.

Our recently established curated zone is not to be confused with the old Kathos that has ceased to exist.

Map for planning


Current subregions and projects

To apply for a sub-curatorship please develop terraforming and architectural samples and submit them to evaderbaker or sounas


Vaerendos is the historical capital of the Kathian Commonwealth. In recent times however, the authority of the Sounum dynasty has been challenged by a variety of other powers in Kathos. The landscape is characterized by rolling plains, farmland, and forest.

KChamber is [LORD] of Vaerendos. After the mysterious disappearance of the emperor, General KChamber has taken control of the kingdom with a military coup d'etat.

Weanut is an [ARCHITECT] of Vaerendos, assisting Kchamber after the disappearance of the emperor.

Imperial city of Verendyl

Imperial capital of the broken Kathian empire. started by sounas and doublenum and now continued by KChamber


A rural village built by KChamber and Weanut


Southern Vaerendos

The southern half of the Kingdom of Vaerendos, distinguished by its mediterranean landscapes and architecture.

sub-curatorship of this region is currently available.

Kingdom of Maritamus

This collection of cities has only in recent history formed itself into a united kingdom. The cities, tired of the Sounum emperors's unjust laws, outrageous taxes, and disregard for the common man, have aligned and created a separate Imperial government. Vaerendos' challenge to the validity of such a government has led to civil war between the two kingdoms. The landscape here is colder and more harsh than in the south of the continent.

sub-curatorship of this region is currently available.

Maritamus Castle



This small island is home to the free city of Solaria. This major trade city acts as the economic connection between Kathos and other regions. While the city is still not officially involved in the civil war, Solaria maintains and defends the supply lines of Vaerendos, which they can easily do with their overwhelming naval force. In exchange for this and importing foreign weapons for Vaerendian use, Solaria has been promised special trade sanctions. Having historically had cordial relations with the imperial government in Vaerendyl, Solaria was quick to support the imperial authorities after the outbreak of the civil war. Solaria's landscape is tropical and rocky. Also located on the island are ancient ruins from an age long forgotten.


Sub-curatorship of this region is available.

Rodastia Mountains

This mountain range spans much of the western coastline. Not terribly populated, the mountains are known for their natural beauty. Passes through the mountains to the sea are important trade and supply routes, currently controlled and influenced by Vaerendos. This does not mean relations with Vaerendos have been good in recent times. Although the lords of Rodastia are not outright hostile, they haven't supported Vaerendos either. Indeed it appears Rodastia is attempting to sail a more neutral course. Its leaders have, however, realized that in due time they will be confronted with demands from Vaerendyl

evaderbaker is [LORD] of Rodastia.


Arrodil is a small trading city nestled in a valley within the mountains. It is being build by evaderbaker



A forest rumored to possess mystical qualities, although a less imaginative soul might just call it a hideout for thieves and criminals. Whichever is true, passage through the forest is best done with an armed guard.

JollyOldChap is [LORD] of this forest.

Battlefield Swamp

Between the two kingdoms lies a desolate and largely impassable swamp that has witnessed countless battles. This landscape may include destroyed cities and castles, burnt farms, warring armies, scenes of battle, etc...

Sounas is [LORD] of this region


Farther north lies the bitter hills that separates the ice mountains from the rest of Kathos. This area is home to many barbarian tribes and exotic creatures.

Nordwolf is [LORD] of this region


In the extreme north of Kathos lies the ancient and frozen mountains. Having many natural barriers such as high mountains, glaciers and rocky cliffs, Belean has been nearly void of any relevant number of inhabitants. Before the civil war the Empire only maintained a token presence. After hostilities broke out during the civil war the small local garrison was called back to be present at more heated zones. Having no valuable natural resources, and being of little strategic importance, Vaerendos has made no attempt since to recapture this region.

Sounas is [LORD] of Belean

Future Regions

These regions are proposed for when the world edge is extended. Seeing as the land for these regions does not exist, no proposals for them will be taken at this time. Once significant progress has been made on the existing regions, we will request edge expansion.

Southern Jungle

The southern coast of Kathos is home to a mountainous jungle, home to some bizarre and ancient architecture. Probably the only place in Kathos open to Asian themed builds. This terrain is largely impassable except for a few key routes.

SpecterCody is an [ARCHITECT] here

Northern and Southern Underground

Features mountains that border on world height, allowing the creation of unique underground builds

Gateway to the Wastes

this is the only pass between the mountain range that divides Kathos. The journey is treacherous and should not be taken lightly.

Desert Wasteland

Most who venture into this desert never return. Ancient temples and haunted tombs scatter the desert. It is said the desert houses ancient magic, which is the reason why many young adventurers risk the perilous dangers east of the mountains.

Cursed Mountains

Once there was a mighty kingdom nested in these mountains, but the empire was corrupted by the dark magic of witches and sorcerers. Now all that remains are the decaying castles, the scarred black mountains, and the tribal zealots crazy enough to live there. Be wary, for the tribals often seek travelers for use in their accursed rituals.


Kathonian History is as diverse as its people. For the past ages Kathos has been unified under a single empire and her emprors, all reigning from the imperial capital of Verendyl. The unified continent has been a source of culture and philosophical thinking for many ages. A region isolated from outside influences, technology and architecture took on an ornate style that is endemic to the area. Politics have always played a huge role in the lives of the average Kathonian and complex civic systems sprung up to satisfy the demands of a learned people.


Kathos consists of various kingdoms, duchies, city-states and republics that work as self-sufficient governing bodies, but also defer power to a federal council of elders, which represent each of the city states. This Council manages the national coffers and the unified military in times of war. This council of elders discusses various important occurrences in the nation, but the decision ultimately lies with the Emperor. Coming from a bloodline believed to be as old as the gods themselves, the Sounum dynasty has led the people of Kathos since before written history. This dynasty is what unified the different states through conquest and influence ages ago.


Inter-regional trade has always been an integral part of the Kathonian economy. Without a fiat-based currency, the Kathonians value a barter system for most common transactions. Some city states attempt to impose minted currency but most common folk find little use for these heavy metal coins. Only recently has trade brought such technology as gunpowder to revolutionize the way the Kathonians fight wars.


Religion is very important for the Kathonian people. Believed to be descendants of the Cow and Carp, these two animals can be seen in unity on the Sigil of the Sounum Dynasty. The Cow is believed to be the god of life and fertility, bringing good harvest and many children to the common person. The Cow is believed to bring happiness and good fortunes through good deeds. The Carp is believed to be the god of power and Influence. Believed to watch over every warrior, the carp watches over any person fighting for power, be it with the sword or with the pen. Both gods are considered to be the original creators and have always had unstable relationships with each other.

The Sounum Dynasty

The Sounum Emperors have always ruled with an iron fist and have been revered by their people as demigods whose power is limitless. The Dynasty claims to be direct decesndants of the first of the children of Cow and Carp. It is believed the Cow and the Carp sent down two people from Mount Kathulous to create the world we live in. Both were created by independently by each god in their own image. Lord Soun was sent down by the Carp to raise the continents from the water and create the glorious landscapes around the world. Lady Num was sent down by the Cow to plant the ground with Forests and Vegetation. These two became the first Kathonians. Like the cow and carp, they were completely opposite of each other. As they planted the earth and created the world we know today their paths crossed. Like all opposites, these two found themselves attracted in unfathomable ways (no homo). Together they joined together to become one, creating the first children of the earth. This powerful story cements the Sounum dynasty as an unrivaled force in the poltical scene.

Current Affairs

A letter has recently come to you by messenger detailing the political situation.


Kathos is a fantasy region that is based in realism (similar to the level of fantasy present in Lord of the Rings or Elder Scrolls). The building styles should have large amounts of variety, and generic styles will not be allowed. In addition, the landscape should play a crucial role in all projects; purely flatland projects are VERY unlikely to be approved for Kathos.

Proposals for Kathos are not limited to towns and cities. Temples, Ruins, Castles, and unique landscape features are just some other ideas that we would like to see scattered around Kathos. Also encouraged submissions are builds based around the fact that the country is at war with itself. We believe that this could add a great deal of dynamic, interesting features such as marching armies, sieges, looted farms etc..

The different regions of Kathos were planned in a way to encourage unique landscapes and building styles that present builders with many opportunities they might not be able to find in other regions. (Ice mountains, or underground cities for example)

A small sample of concept art that could relate to Kathos or inspire you: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v406yl6b3qfdjea/BefRmYRhR-

Architectural styles:

For the moment we will allow a number of styles. There is a focus mostly western styles found in reality or in works of fiction, however it is certainly not limited to that. We have a certain world in mind, so if you want to know if your planned project would fit, contact either Sounas or Evaderbaker.