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The hero TVB deserves, but not the one it needs
Vital statistics
Rank: Member
Race: Human
Notable builds: Nothing notable done, yet
Known Aliases: N/A


Account troubles

My comeback to minecraft took a serious blow in the form of (possible) account theft. After a long-ish hiatus from MC i tried to log in, only to find out my password was changed. "Well gosh golly i'll just get a reset emailed to me!" Thought it, but alas! it wasn't so simple. The account wasn't connected to ANY of my current active emails, and after a week or two of scouring my old email addresses i caved in and re-bought MC. My current handle is Spenta_Armaiti (100% less finnish l33t)


The Trade House in Lucente

Made quite some time ago, The Trade House is/was a small tavern.
Sadly, i have no pictures of this.

Puerto Baleines Duplex

This, too, was made in the days of old. A two apartment house.
Unfortunately no pics of this, either.

Jamestown House

The first build after the hiatus. My current pride and joy: a regular house.