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The Voxel Box dedicates itself to providing the most dynamic creative play experience that Minecraft can offer. Four thematic Resource Packs provide a wide berth for the imaginations of our talented players.


Official Packs


  • All projects on The Voxel Box are built using one of the Official Resource Packs.
  • These packs includes server-specific tools like the Dooplicator and Magical Paintbrush. Understanding and using these tools is much easier with the intended artwork for them.
  • Use of one of the official Resource Packs is mandatory for submissions to the whitelist, as it is important we are all looking at the same thing when we make an aesthetic statement about your submission.
  • Remember: You only need to use our resource packs while playing on the Voxel Box!

The Voxel Box's resource packs composed of primarily tiles and items by AzulCaballero, plusnine, doublenum, KupoKupo, giltwist, rosedragon, space_e, DukeVindzor, Giltwist, 2brostudio and other members of The Voxel Box.

Other packs used as pixel-sources or stylistic ideas include The Painterly Pack, Jolicraft, Glimmar's Steampunk, Inspiration, and Sphaxcraft.

Application for the Resource Pack Team

Ever wanted to be a part of the resource pack developer team? You can now apply to develop textures for Palceon and/or Deep Space simply by clicking here!

The Palceon Pack

Palceon features prominently in the worlds of Facet and Holocene.

Download: The Voxel Box: Palceon Pack August 31st, 2013 for 1.6.2

This flagship resource pack takes the Pangea Pack a step further into a world of industrial high fantasy! All your favorite stones and metals return with a new broader selection of colors, new terrain tiles and the usual bounty of custom items. Watch the night sky light up with glimpses of other realms waiting to be built to satisfaction!

  • Staff will review Guest builds using this pack.
  • This pack is used for large sections Holocene, and Facet.
  • Please Check out the Changelog for information on all new additions to the Pack!
  • Compatibility with the 1.6.2 Update
  • DISCLAIMER: For the FULL Experience, The ModPack is Recommended for the Resource Pack.

The Deep Space Pack

The cold expanses of Deep Space await advanced builders and experienced tourists on The Voxel Box.

Download: The Voxel Box: Deep Space Pack - January 1st, 2014 for 1.6

The Deep Space pack offers suites of blocks that, when positioned together well, let builders create ships, space stations, colonies and other futuristic-themed builds.

  • Select staff will review Guest builds using the Deep Space Pack at this time.
  • This resource pack is featured prominently in Deep Space on the world of Facet.
  • UPDATE New 1.6 blocks finally added with the addition of animated paintings and gui

The Organix Pack (Outdated)

Stay tuned for details on a new exciting world that will use this pack, only on The Voxel Box.

Download: The Voxel Box: Organix Pack - April 5th, 2013 for 1.5.1

The Organix pack ditches traditional architectural blocks in favor of a "crayon" concept: each block is assigned a color, and those colors are used in conjunction with strategic woods, stones and bricks to create a colorful world where building anything is possible!

  • Select staff will review Guest builds using the Organix Pack at this time.
  • The Organix Pack is featured prominently in the world Holocene on the continent of Meridia.

The Modern Pack

Special thanks to Rosedragon for the banner.

Download: The Voxel Box: Modern Pack - August 25th, 2013 for 1.6.2

This pack narrows the focus to building materials used from 1950 to the present day. Materials such as cobblestone have been bumped in favor of more modern alternatives, such as smooth metals and concretes. Additionally, several block textures have changed position to take advantage of the new blocks released in the latest versions.

The Tanviir Pack

Download: The Voxel Box: Tanviir - August 30th, 2013 for 1.6.2

The Frankenpack of the land of Tanviir. This resource pack utilizes many HD textures from various other packs, including:

  • Many, many blocks from Razorcane's HD Palceon.
  • Iron bars from Deep Space
  • Some Doku textures (being phased out slowly)
  • Two blocks (35:0 and Diamond), as well as the Luna Moths (Bat) and Polar Bears (pig) made by our very own RobEves!
  • Pixel art icons from all over the interwebz
  • Select staff will review Guest builds using the Tanviir Pack at this time.

Speciality Packs

These resource packs are only for very specific instances and special events. These packs are not production and should not be used in any areas except for the areas designated by each description below.

Schütkant Texture Pack

Download The Voxel Box: Schütkant

The texture pack used in Deamon's Nuclear apocalypse bunker Schütkant. It is a blending of the darker sides of the modern and deep space packs.

Noir Pack

Download Noir Pack - May 20,2012

Grayscale Modern Pack

Scientific Pack

Download Scientific Pack - March 28, 2012

Blend of Modern and Deepspace with some tweaks.

Resource Pack Installation Instructions

Windows and Linux Users

  • Download the latest resource pack from the links above.
  • Locate where you downloaded the resource pack ZIP file. No need to unzip the file.
  • Open Minecraft, login and use the profile of your liking
  • Click on Options and then Resource Packs
  • Click Open resource pack folder
  • Move the resource pack zip into the resourcepacks folder that Minecraft opened for you.

Mac Users

A pair of properly installed resource packs on Mac OSX.
  • Download the latest texture pack from the links above.
  • Locate the file in your web browser's downloads folder, and do not unzip the file.
  • Find the file from your web browser's "Downloads" folder.
  • Open a second Finder window.
  • In your new Finder window, naviagate to: Your username (home folder) > Library > Application Support > Minecraft > texturepacks (you may need to create this last folder if it is not present)
  • Move the texture pack ZIP file into the "texturepacks" folder.

Now you need to select the texture pack inside the Minecraft game.

  • Open Minecraft and use your login
  • Click on Mods and Texture Packs
  • Select the Voxel Box Texture Pack. Your GUI should instantly change to the Voxel Box UI.
  • Hooray, You're ready to play!
  • You can return to a different texture pack when you are done playing on the server.

Resource Pack Troubleshooting

  • Users with modified clients (especially "HD texture" mods) may find the resource pack crashing their client. If this occurs, revert to an unmodified client and/or install The VoxelModPack to play on The Voxel Box.

Using These Textures on Your Own Server or Map

We are glad that the wider Minecraft community have enjoyed our original resource pack tiles, items and concepts, and encourage you to use the files and ideas in the zip files to help you put a custom pack together for your server or custom map. Here are some things you should know:

  • You must not use this pack, or modifications of it as an "official" pack on a pay-to-play server.
  • Please give credit where credit is due.
  • You must host your own files. If we see traffic leeching coming often from your website, we will take appropriate measures to stop you.
  • Sorry, The Voxel Box staff will not make you a personalized or custom pack. Use programs like or GIMP to edit your own files. It's fun and easy!
  • Remember that many items in the pack are specific to The Voxel Box and its plugins. Eliminating drops from blocks and installing plugins like VoxelDoop will go a long way toward making the resource pack function in a manner more similar to what you see on The Voxel Box.
  • These packs are lousy for playing the Minecraft Survival game, as they were intended to re-make it, not to conform to it.
  • Design your server's player experience carefully!

Legacy Packs

The Pangea Pack

The Pangea Pack was the Official texture pack of The Voxel Box in 2011.

Download: The Voxel Box: Pangea Pack 1.0 - December 12, 2011 (final version)

As this pack grew ever-more distinct from the Painterly Pack by Rhodox, the Pangea Pack opened up new ways for players to build with Minecraft on The Voxel Box. All Mining-related blocks were replaced with new materials like Marble, Limestone, Granite and even Copper Plating, giving builders more colors and more material types to build their amazing structures in Pangea and beyond.

  • In the rare instance you are visiting the world of Pangea, this is the pack you'll want to use.
  • Members: All remaining builds in Pangea must stay in the Pangea Pack!
  • Staff will not review new Guest builds using the Pangea Pack.