The Nexus

The Nexus
Vital statistics
Approximate Coordinates: Facet
Founded: April 2011
Curator(s): Shakey_Aj
Travel: Nexus Portal at the Spawn Point
Permits: N/A



The Nexus is the servers dedicated redstone area housing some of the most complex and unique redstone within its walls. This is the place where a redstoner can come and build their creations in peace and ease due to the allocated plots with the chunk borders marked out for easy reference.

  • Palceon Texture Pack although a different voxel texture pack may be used within your plot.
  • [CURATED] by Shakey_Aj.
  • The terrain in the Nexus is flat with a clinical laboratory design scheme delineated by chunks.
  • To get out of the Nexus, use the /spawn command.


The Nexus is currently split into the 'Old nexus' and the 'New nexus'. This is due to the region being overhauled. The Old nexus currently has the showcases for redstone within it. The New nexus has the build plots and will eventually house the showcase allowing the Old nexus to be removed. The New Nexus is still being built even though people are allowed to use it, please bear this in mind when visiting/working in it.

Build Plots

The Nexus is laid out in a series of building plots that can be signed out for you to use. There are two sizes, one 8x8 and another 16x16 chunk size (128 and 256 blocks respectively). The VoxelPort hub provides a convenient way to get to your plot aswell as providing a space for you to leave a sign claiming the plot for yourself. Please claim a 8x8 plot first then if more room is required ask Shakey_Aj to move you to a 16x16.

To sign out a build plot follow these steps:

  • Travel to the 'New Nexus' and go into the VoxelPort building by the spawn.
  • Look around the VoxelPort building at the ports and find the first plot that hasn't been claimed, A claimed plot will have a sign with the builders name on the teleporter for that plot (Or 4 names in the case of a teleporter for 8x8 plots when full).
  • Place a sign with your name on it (No nicknames, your minecraft username exactly as you login) and then go into the teleporter to your plot.
  • Place a second sign on the purple board for you plot exactly the same as the first sign.
  • The plot is now yours, have fun and make epic redstone machines!

A plot with redstone in but without a sign in the plot or on the teleporter is liable to be wiped without warning, ensure your plot is claimed!


For redstoners and non-redstoners alike we have a selection of VoxelGadget and redstone gadgets, games and gizmos all laid out in our showcase plots. Just step into the nexus station and head on down the rainbow rail to explore the wonders that await you! Nearly all of our showcase circuits are playable but if one isn't working just contact a Nexus curator and they will turn the circuit on for you! We have a selection of animated devices, playable arcade machines, and cut-away examples of devices seen in Holocene, but usually embedded in terrain will be on display, so head to the Nexus to learn "How it Works"!

The showcases contain everything from an Animated Kirby to a Piano, Rock-Paper-Scissors to Space Invaders along with some of our most famous games VoxHero,Light's Out and Whack-a-mole for you to enjoy with many more circuits being added!

If you wish to have your circuit added to the Nexus just contact one of the Nexus Curators and we will try and fit it in for you!


To get to the nexus simply type /spawn and head over to the nexus portal, you can find it by looking at the direction boards around spawn or you can follow the path to the guest area continue past it heading towards the flowers and then turning right when the road forks! To exit the nexus just type /spawn again.

Click image to get directions to the Nexus portal from spawn.

Conduct in the Nexus

In the Nexus we like to keep to 3 simple rules that will help us all get along well and make life that little bit easier to enjoy.

  1. If the redstone is in a build plot you do not touch it. Builds plots are individual places for constructing circuits you do not touch the circuits in the build plots without the owners expressed permission. You may not know what that circuit does and it may be unfinished.
  2. If you start ANY redstone you wait for it to finish before leaving. If you start redstone and walk away you could have caused one massive headache for the owner. When a circuit is unloaded it freezes, repeaters are 'hung' where they fail to update and the wire isn't in the correct state. This requires the redstoner to go around and manually update every single repeater in the build that is hung. So it may have been a tiny bit of effort to start the circuit but because you didn't stick around it requires alot of effort from the owner to fix.
  3. If you break a circuit tell someone. Tell us and then we can fix it. We may need to ask you which button you pushed to be able to fix it. In the same way if you find a broken circuit please report it to us even if you didn't break it yourself.
From the Spawn Point, walk into this building to get to the Nexus.
The Nexus rail station, with rainbow rail to take you to your destination.
VoxHero and Whack-A-Mole in the nexus showcase.