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This user is permitted to construct a project in Tanviir
Vital statistics
Rank: Sniper
Race: Sprite
Notable builds: Nix (Frost Dragon), Aquarion
Known Aliases: N/A
VoxelAgeCalendar.png This user has been an active Member of The Voxel Box for
2 years, 4 months and 25 days
Venus logo.png This user is an Organix artist.
Voxeladdictuserbox2.png VoxelAddict
There's this thing called sun...
ColorWheel.jpeg Mr. Colour is their name and COLOURFUL building is their game.
I heart pixels icon.png PIXEL ARTIST
This user loves working their mastery with pixels.
1yearlater.png Back in my day, a Voxar could buy you groceries for a week.

Lunaomi is a Sniper on The Voxel Box.


Hello. Luna, at your service!! I am a fun loving Sprite, with a knack at building Organix, and a mind that makes as much sense as, well, a bag of cats. Usually spewing gibberish in Vent, I'm normally found hanging with the Tanviir group (enter if you dare ._.). I'm a lover of nature, steampunk, and random-assorted jelly beans. All-in-all, I'm one of those ' quiet-psychopathic ' types, but normally quite friendly and enjoy a nice chat.