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This user is permitted to construct a project in Tanviir
Vital statistics
Rank: Sniper
Race: Sprite
Notable builds: Nix (Frost Dragon), Aquarion
Known Aliases: N/A
VoxelAgeCalendar.png This user has been an active Member of The Voxel Box for
2 years, 5 months and 3 days
Venus logo.png This user is an Organix artist.
Voxeladdictuserbox2.png VoxelAddict
There's this thing called sun...
ColorWheel.jpeg Mr. Colour is their name and COLOURFUL building is their game.
I heart pixels icon.png PIXEL ARTIST
This user loves working their mastery with pixels.
1yearlater.png Back in my day, a Voxar could buy you groceries for a week.

Lunaomi is a Sniper on The Voxel Box.


Hello. Luna, at your service!! I am a fun loving Sprite, with a knack at building Organix, and a mind that makes as much sense as, well, a bag of cats. Usually spewing gibberish in Vent, I'm normally found hanging with the Tanviir group (enter if you dare ._.). I'm a lover of nature, steampunk, and random-assorted jelly beans. All-in-all, I'm one of those ' quiet-psychopathic ' types, but normally quite friendly and enjoy a nice chat.