A Minecraft Mod by The VoxelModPack Team
Description: N/A
Lead Programmer & Designer: Mumfrey
Design Consultant: MehStrongBadMeh
Documentation: Ciscog33k
Used In: The VoxelModPack


About VoxelBoards

VoxelBoards lets you create large virtual bulletin boards in-game. The user can scroll through these boards using the mouse scrollwheel.

Supported formatting

This is NOT a browser as such you can only get Wiki links and bold text to render.

Page names support spaces if you use underscores (_) and a max character limit of 15 characters.

It is recommended that special VoxelBoard pages are used in place of pages that have excessive HTML formatting. (Example: VB:shortpage)


You enter one parameter per sign line as follows:
Line 1: #wiki
Line 2: pagename (e.g. "VoxelJobs")
Line 3: {width}x{height} between 1x1 and 16x16 (e.g. "5x3)
Line 4: {Display option} (Hide, glow, {none})

  • Hide - Makes the sign invisible.
  • Glow - Makes the sign glow.
  • Blank line - Leaves the sign.



Wiki Image Format

You enter one parameter per line, on a sign, as follows:
Line 1: #wikiimage
Line 2: Filename (e.g. "Derp.png")
Line 3: {width}x{height} between 1x1 and 16x16 (e.g. "5x3)
Line 4: {Display option} (Hide, glow, {none})

  • Hide - Makes the sign invisible.
  • Glow - Makes the sign glow.
  • Blank line - Leaves the sign.



Writing your VoxelBoard text, but hiding it on the Wiki

For this method to work, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Transcribe the information you want to appear on the VoxelBoard sign to the appropriate wiki page, but at the bottom of the page, past all other formating.
  2. On the lines above your VoxelBoard text, place the following then save the wiki page and refresh the board in-game:
<div style="display:none;">
<div id="begincontent"></div>
Content goes here.

Linking the boards to a MediaWiki site

VoxelBoards can be linked to any wiki powered by the MediaWiki software and this is specified by the server by making use of VoxelModPackPlugin. To enable VoxelBoards functionality in your server, simply install the plugin and run the server once to create the default config.yml file.

Next edit the config.yml setting and set the voxelboards.enabled setting to true, and specify the URL of your wiki (which is used when clicking a board) and the base URL of the wiki API

  enabled: true
  wikiurl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
  wikiapiurl: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php

Note: The MediaWiki installation must have the API enabled in order for VoxelBoards to work. The API is enabled by default but if it's disabled, you can enable it by editing the LocalSettings.php and adding $wgEnableAPI = TRUE; on the last line of the configuration.

Linking the boards to a flat file (eg. for single player adventure maps)

VoxelBoards can also read their content from flat text files stored locally, this can be used for example if you wish to include boards in a single player adventure map or in your own single player world.

To read from a flat file create a board exactly as you would a wiki board but substitute the #wiki directive for #txtfile and specify the name of a text file instead of the name of an article. You do not need to include the .txt extension, the mod will append this to the name that you specify. The mod will look in two locations for flatfiles:

In single player, the mod will first look in


and if the file is not found it will look in


Left-clicking a txtfile board has no effect, whilst right-clicking refreshes the file contents from disk.