An official Bukkit plugin from the VoxelBox suite
Lead Programmer & Designer: Ridgedog
Editors: EvilSeph
Public Relations: NeutronRocks
BukkitDev Link: VoxelMore on BukkitDev
Tested Compatible With: #1.1-R3
Download: VoxelMore 1.4
A short in-game video of VoxelMore



VoxelMore is a communal item-spawning plugin targeted for Creative SMP servers. We like to think of it as a "magic penny" mod that allows builders on a server to use a single block to create more of that material, reducing the need for typed item number declarations and making inventory management more fluid.


Place your downloaded VoxelMore.jar into your server's plugins folder.

VoxelMore Commands:


This command tops off whatever you are holding in your hand to a full stack of 64. If you are holding a full stack, an entirely new stack will be created for you. Finite resources be damned!

  • Tip: You can also create more than one stack of material at a time. Using "/more 5" will top off your hand's stack, and generate five additional stacks of the material you are holding into your inventory.
  • ***NEW!*** If you have no item at all in your hand when you issue the command, /more will give you a stack of the block you are targeting with your cursor. This is useful if you've placed the final block of the material you are working with.


/pick (0-15): This command allows you to set block variable data to the block in your hand. This is useful for creating dyed wool or variant wood types on the fly. For more on appropriate data values for Cloth, Log and Leaf blocks, visit: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values#Data

  • Tip: You can see the data values to use with /pick on the Texture Pack page.
  • Example: While holding Wool blocks in your hand, "/pick 11" will change them to Dark Blue Wool.

Configuration Options

The items that can be duplicated using VoxelMore can be restricted via a blacklist in the configuration file. By default, the bone (352) and slimeball (341) are not able to be duplicated due to their implementation in the VoxelDoop plugin.