VoxelMotion (Legacy)

An official Bukkit plugin from the VoxelBox suite
Lead Programmer & Designer: przerwap
Tested Compatible With: #1060
Download: still in alpha stages
VoxelMotion alpha trailer!



VoxelMotion is a plugin for bukkit that allows for 3-D frame animation in Minecraft-space.

A VoxelMotion animation will be triggered if an appropriate block coordinate meets the following criteria:

  • The block coordinate has been defined as a VoxelMotion animation circuit.
  • The block in the coordinate is an appropriate VoxelMotion reel block.
  • The block receives a redstone current.


There is only one command associated with VoxelMotion: /vmotion

  • Note: this command is aliased /vm

Subsets of this command give access to VoxelMotion's features:

  • /vm create - Adds and selects a new VoxelMotion circuit at a coordinate.
    • The user will be prompted to select the circuit block by left-clicking it.
    • Note: When you create a new circuit, it will be selected automatically.
    • Tip: Mark the location of your circuit obviously so you will always remember where it is.
  • /vm select - Selects an existing VoxelMotion animation circuit.
    • The user will be prompted to select the circuit block by left-clicking it.
  • Selecting a circuit allows it to be deleted or have new frames added to it.
  • /vm delete - Permanently deletes the selected VoxelMotion animation circuit.
  • /vm b1 - Defines the first boundary point for the contents of a frame.
    • The user will be prompted to select the boundary block by left-clicking it.
    • Note: This boundary point will stay constant between frames unless redefined.
  • /vm b2 - Defines the second boundary point for the contents of a frame.
    • Note: This boundary point will stay constant between frames unless redefined.
    • Tip: Remember to remove your boundary blocks before adding your frames if you don't wish them to appear during your circuit's playback!'
  • /vm add - Adds a new frame to the end of the selected VoxelMotion animation circuit's reel.
    • Note: at this time, there is no deletion of frames in VoxelMotion. When doing complex animations, finalize your frames carefully before adding them into your circuit's reel!
  • /vm delay [int] - Adjusts the playback speed of the selected VoxelMotion circuit. Delay between frames is represented by an integer.
    • Entering this command without an integer will display the current delay. The default delay for circuits is 0, which is the top speed for VoxelMotion animation.
    • Example: To make a selected animation circuit play slower, use /vm 2. Higher integers will produce even longer delays between frames.
    • Note: This will only affect reels that playing continuously.
  • /vm start - Starts motion circuit if circuit fails to start with power.

Understanding Frames and Reels

A circuit's reel is made up its frames. These frames are then called into the Minecraft world, played in sequence to create animation. (more information, screenshots and diagrams coming soon)

Reel Blocks

VoxelMotion will play your reel back differently depending on the Reel Block used as the animation's circuit. Depending on the Reel Block, each time VoxelMotion's animation circuit receives power, it may play:

  • One Frame at a time: Redstone current must be interrupted and restored to play the next frame. OR: Continuously for the duration the redstone current is maintained.
  • Playthrough to the end (or beginning, if going backwards) of the reel. Once the end of the reel has been reached, the animation must be rewound before it can be played again. OR Looped: When the reel reaches the end, it will start back at the beginning (or end, if going backwards) for the next frame.
  • Forward OR Backward through it's frames.

Play One Frame, Playthrough

  • Forward - Lapis Ore (21)
  • Backward - Lapis Block (22)

Play One Frame, Looped

  • Forward - Gold Ore (14)
  • Backward - Iron Ore (15)

Continuous, Playthrough

  • Forward - Diamond Ore (56)
  • Backward - Diamond Block (57)

Continuous, Looped

  • Forward - Gold Block (41)
  • Backward - Iron Block (42)

Advanced Modification of VoxelMotion Circuits

Because you can activate your VoxelMotion one frame at a time, you can time it with any type of redstone sequence you like: pause your animation, and change the playthrough type with a piston-switch or a VoxelGadget. VoxelMotion's animation circuits retain the frame number and pick up playing in the correct manner and in the correct direction at the next check.