VoxelUpdate (Legacy)

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An official Bukkit plugin from the VoxelBox suite
Lead Programmer: Psanker & giltwist
Documentation: plusnine
Public Relations: NeutronRocks
BukkitDev Link: VoxelUpdate on BukkitDev
Tested Compatible With: #1.4.6-R0.4
Download: VoxelUpdate-1.2.5



VoxelUpdate is a plugin that allows a server administrator to conveniently download, install or update any of The Voxel Box's publicly released VoxelPlugins directly from inside the game without the need to visit a website or forum.

VoxelUpdate allows you to manage the following nine VoxelPlugins:


Download and place the VoxelUpdate.jar file inside your server's plugins folder.

Create a file named admns.txt (yes, that is the correct spelling!) inside your server's plugins folder. This file is used by many VoxelPlugins, and only players listed on this file will be able to successfully issue VoxelUpdate's commands. Enter the player names of trusted server staff, one per line, case-sensitive, e.g:


Installation 1.2.1+

Download and place the VoxelUpdate.jar file inside your server's plugins folder.

If you want to control the Plugin from within the game, you need to have the permission node

  • voxelupdate.control


Upon running the first time, the plugin will generate its configuration file at: [server folder]/plugins/VoxelUpdate/VoxelUpdate.properties This configuration file contains the plugin's options:


url: This property defines where VoxelUpdate will be looking for updates from The Voxel Box's team of plugin developers. This value is re-set each time your server starts up and thus cannot be changed from the default URL unless an update to the VoxelUpdate plugin occurs.

search-for-updates: This true/false property tells VoxelUpdate to use the url to see if new versions of plugins are available. If your version is any different than the latest, VoxelUpdate will be able to notify you that a new public release is available. VoxelUpdate will only notify players listed on the admns.txt file if updates to installed VoxelPlugins are available. (default: true)

auto-update: This true/false property instructs VoxelUpdate to automatically install and reload new versions of installed VoxelPlugins without reloading or restarting the server. (default: false)

Configuration 1.2.1+

After VoxelUpdate loaded the first time it will automatically create a config.yml file in the VoxelUpdates data directory (/plugins/VoxelUpdate/) with the default values.

update-repository-url: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/up/voxelplugins/VoxelUpdate.xml
automatic-update-enabled: false
update-interval: 15

update-repository-url: Update Repository URL. This defines the place of the XML file containing information about updates.

automatic-update-enabled: When set to true VoxelUpdate will automatically download updates for all the installed Plugins, that are listed in the Update Repository. (default: false)

update-interval: Defines the time between repository checks in minutes. (default: 15)


/voxelplugins [detailed]: Lists all VoxelPlugins and indicates if they are Available (not installed), Update Available, or Installed (and current).

/voxelinfo: (Deprecated in 1.2.1) Lists all VoxelPlugins with a brief one-line description of their function. If there's one on the list you haven't tried, consider giving it a shot!

/voxelinstall <plugin>: Installs the specified plugin, e.g.: /voxelinstall VoxelGadget will install the latest public release of the VoxelGadget plugin.

  • Note: you will need to perform a server restart or reload for your newly installed plugins to become functional unless auto-update is set to true.

/voxelupdate <plugin>: Updates the specified plugin, e.g.: /voxelupdate VoxelDoop will update the latest public release of the VoxelDoop plugin.

  • Note: You will need to perform a server reload for your updated plugins to become functional unless auto-update is set to true.
  • Note: The singular exception to this is an update of the VoxelUpdate plugin itself. When updating the VoxelUpdate XML link, a full server stop and restart should be performed.