An official Bukkit plugin from the VoxelBox suite
Lead Programmer: thedeadlybutter
Documentation: thedeadlybutter
Public Relations: NeutronRocks
AzulCaballero (Artist)
BukkitDev Link: VoxelWireless on BukkitDev
Tested Compatible With: #1.3.1-R1.0
Source: Github
DevBuilds: CI Server
Issue Tracker: BugTracker
Download: Download VoxelWireless v.2.2


VoxelWireless turns in-game items, such as phones, into useful communication tools. With the latest version, you can now configure which item ID's are associated with each phone.


This plugin has been created with simplicity in mind, for both the end-user, as well as the server host. Thus, all aspects of the plugin are item based, and there are no commands. The following items are the current "phones" that can be used, along with their functions and permissions:

  • Communicator (Default Item ID: 337) - This sends a message to all admins on the server. Admins can use it to conveniently avoid typing commands such as /helpop or ! to communicate in the staff chat channel, [HELPOP]. Players may also use this to send messages to admins. Permissions to view HelpOP messages are given to those with the permission node VoxelWireless.ViewHelop .
  • Microphone (Default Item ID: 272) - The microphone allows players to do a member broadcast. In order for members to use the microphone, they need the VoxelWireless.MemberBlast permission node. For players to view the messages, they need VoxelWireless.ViewMemberBlast .
  • PRZ Labs inducer (Default Item ID: 318) - Using the PRZ Labs inducer in hand while sending a chat-message allows players to send server broadcasts ([BROADCAST] Message), using the same colors as essentials. Permissions to use this phone isVoxelWireless.Broadcast .

If you wish to change any of these values, you can go to your servers directory plugins/VoxelWireless/config.yml. Here you will find the currently implemented phones with their item ID. If you wanted to disable a phone, you could set the Item ID to a value a player doesn't normally have access to/doesn't exist.

Phone Development

Check out the discussion page for this plugin to suggest phone ideas!