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Vital statistics
Approximate Coordinates: Holocene
Founded: Early 2012
Empire / Alliance: ZATA Alliance
Curator(s): Rct3shadow
Major Contributors: Gavjenks
Travel: Ship at Spawn, The Highways of Zah
Permits: Permitted Users in Zah

Climate and political layout. Dark green: Rainforest. Light and olive greens: forest or grass. Yellow = desert. Orange = dry grass / prairie. Brown = Savannah. White = mountains. Blue = Chaparral (Mediterranean)
Royal Highway of Zah, Map

NEWS: We are in need of cities, towns, mines, etc. now that roads are nearly complete. Also, those interested in helping with a defensive wall between Zah and Msk, please speak with Kesaro or/and rct3shadow. In general, see the forums Zah subsection for active build and city requests:


Zah is a region that covers much of the southeastern continent of Holocene. The region has been almost entirely re-terraformed into new custom landscapes to more dramatically reflect a biome-concept. Come to see and create the wonders of the natural world, or get involved in Zah's unending political sagas!

  • Palceon Texture Pack
  • A heavy emphasis on realism of cities and surroundings (more like plausibility, not exact historical accuracy)
  • A goal of 100% hand-made biomes and terraforming, with a warm climate theme, from shrubby desert to dry savannah to dense, difficult jungle, to lofty dark rainforest. Climates in Zah revolve loosely around an African motif, but not exclusively.
  • Time period is from around the 1500s through the 1800s.
  • [CURATED] by Rct3shadow and Kesaro
  • [FOUNDED] by Gavjenks


Zah is a continuous empire, composing most of the southeast portion of Holocene. It spans a broad range of climates and cultures, from small portions of temperate, largely European, chilly regions in the north down to hot, African and Arabian-styled deserts and tropical rainforests further south. Many of the climates and build styles of Zah are designed to be unique and unprecedented in Minecraft thus far, and a significant emphasis will be placed on a realistic and gradual transition between these areas.

For Help and Information for Tour Guides or Wannabe Explorers, please see Zah Tour Guide

On Working in Zah


There are a few rules when contributing to a Project in Zah, not including any rules set down by the Project Architect within their Project, the most important of these include:

  • Your contribution cannot damage any existing parts of larger projects without expressed consent from the architect.
  • All aspects of the contribution must fit the specified theme and guidelines of both the sub-region and Zah as a whole.
  • Contributions do not lead to promotions or rewards within Zah, they do however open up the possibility of creating your own Project.
  • Zah Curators hold the right to remove your contribution at any time if it fails to meet any of the above or following requirements.
  • Under the official ranking system of the Imperial Empire of Zah, Contributors are part of the Slave Caste. The Caste system is explained below.

Being an Architect

Architects have a different, but similar set of rules applied to them within their projects as they would have when contributing to other projects. These include:

  • Your Project must follow any and all specifications set out by the Sub-Curators of the region it is within, or by the Curators of Zah.
  • Your Project cannot interfere or damage any existing Projects without expressed consent of a Zah Sub-Curator or Curator.
  • Projects can lead to promotions within Zah, specifically that of Builder or LiteSniper if there are no existing reasons against these.
  • Architects can become sub-curators of a particular region if they have multiple projects within that region or have the support of an existing Sub-Curator and the Zah Curators.
  • Zah Curators hold the right to remove your Project or relocate it if it fails to meet any of the above or following requirements.
  • Architects can employ any number of Contributors as see fit, A Contributor cannot usurp the Architect regardless of the extent of their contribution without the consent of a Zah Curator.
  • Architects can recommend exceptional contributors to the Zah Curators for reward, advancement, or the development of their own project.
  • Architects CANNOT Promise reward in exchange for work, but have a duty to inform contributors of the possibility of reward in exchange for their efforts.
  • Under the official ranking system of the Imperial Empire of Zah, Architects are part of the Servant Caste. The Caste System is explained below.

As a Sub-Curator

Sub-Curators have a large range of responsibilities, but this is balanced with an equally extensive range of privileges within Zah. For the purpose of this category, these will be separated into 2 sections, unlike the Architect or Contributor categories.


  • Sub-Curators must adhere to all rules and expectations set out by the Zah Curators.
  • They must actively seek to set a good example for all Architects and Contributors.
  • They should encourage and support all Architects and Contributors within their Region, and should actively seek to bring in new projects.
  • Must not attempt to override the decisions of the Zah Curators.
  • Must ensure that the terraforming and projects within their region, blend effectively with surrounding regions.
  • Must be aware of all the rules, regulations, trivia and expectations of those active within Zah.
  • Have a Duty to inform Zah Curators and seek to resolve any issues or problems that emerge amongst those working within Zah.
  • Cannot set Rank restrictions or minimums for Contributors within Zah, that right is held only by the Zah Curators.
  • Must give clear and adequate reasoning for all decisions, including the acceptance or refusal of Projects.
  • Must ensure all projects within their regions are appropriately connected via Road, Rail and/or Balloon.


  • Can recommend any Architects or Contributors to a Zah Curator for reward or advancement.
  • Are allowed unrestricted rights to construct Projects within their Regions, within the rules set out at the time of their appointment.
  • Can give advice, criticism and support within Zah to the same extent as a Curator, but not overriding of one.
  • Sub-Curators who are LiteSniper's will receive as much assistance as they require or desire in the formation of a Sniper application and all Zah Curators must endeavor to ensure they succeed in their application to the full extent of our capabilities.
  • They can request additional space or changes to their regions to better facilitate their projects.
  • Are allowed to remove individuals from Zah completely, removing their right to construct or continue projects unless overridden by a Zah Curator.
  • They can vote for and against certain changes within Zah, such as infrastructure or time period, however Zah Curators can Veto this vote regardless of the result.
  • They have the right to remove any contributions or Projects that are not of sufficient quality or that the Architect of which has gone inactive on the project for a period of time they deem unacceptable.

Sub-Curators are part of the Lord Caste, The Caste System will be explained immediately below:

The Caste System of the Royal Imperial Empire of Zah

Within Zah there are a number of different Castes, in general society you will view 4 of these, however there are 3 others that perform special functions. These Castes are listed in order of Importance, with the most important explained first, and the least important explained last.

The Royal Caste

Direct members of the Royal Family of Zah, Members of this Caste hold complete control over all the functions of Zah, acting as both the mind behind the machine and those who operate it to steer it in it's proper direction. The Royal Family of Zah currently is led by Tzahr rct3shadow and Tzahrina Kesaro.

The Royal Caste can command all other castes within this system and have a duty to ensure the Empire of Zah functions smoothly.

The Lord Caste

Members of the Lord Caste are the indirect relations of the Royal Caste, or peasantry who have been raised to the Caste for vast and impressive contributions to The Empire of Zah. Lord's are expected to lead the individual regions of Zah towards completion and in advancement of the success of the entire Empire.

The Lord Caste can command only the Slave and Servant Castes.

The Naval Caste

Those within the Naval Caste answer exclusively to the Royal Caste, however often give out their services to the other Castes, Members of this Caste lead the construction of the Zah Navy, and are considered expert shipbuilders.

Currently the only surviving member of the Naval Caste is Cyborganic_Pies, who is currently acting as Lord Admiral of the Zah Navy.

The Servant Caste

Slaves who have earned their freedom and became property owners or fufillers of vital roles within Zah Society are elevated to the Servant Caste by Lords or Royals. They are often the Mayors of Towns or Overseers of institutions within Zah, notable examples would be Ajcool1050 as the Official Exterminator of Black Cats, or Veskal as an Architect of Cardin.

The Slave Caste

Those Captured by members of the other castes to work on their projects are considered Slaves, hard working Slaves may earn their freedom, whilst others can be trapped in this state indefinately or may even wish to remain as a Slave rather than progressing.