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Zxccft is a LiteSniper on the Voxel Box, and a Lead Designer of the Wild West city Anok. He was Whitelisted on January 30th, 2012 by Sedentarygecko, and was given LiteSniper by Bellamy Brothers on March 19th.

Zxccft, in all his glory.

Rank: LiteSniper
Race: Human, Tribal
Whitelisted: January 30th, 2012
Know aliases: Z
Sir Mr. Dr. P.H.D. Zxccft
Signature moves: Bunny hopping


Zxccft was a commanfolk living peacefully in the trade cities. He went to work every day at the bay designing prototype submarines. One weekend he was browsing through a market in the city when he spotted an interesting object. It appeared to be a pinpoint of light trapped inside a glass ball no bigger then a tennis ball. Intrigued by this sphere, Zxccft walked over and picked it up. As he was staring into it the light seemed to shift colors in a prismatic shades. He thought he heard a voice like a whisper in the air around him. He asked the vendor where they had found this orb, and they replied that they had picked it up on the beach. Zxccft bought the sphere and went home to study how the light was being generated. When he set it upon his drafting desk at home the sphere jumped into the air and a brilliant light shot out of it. This light etched the schematic for a submarine with technologies never before discovered in it. The sphere then broke into a thousand pieces when it was done inscribing the schematics. Zxccft then went to his work and proposed to his boss that they construct this ship Zxccft had designed. Seeing how this would revolutionize the submarine industry his boss agreed to fund the project. Soon the ship was complete. Zxccft then prepared the submarine for its maiden voyage. However, while in the control room he noticed that their was only one destination logged in the computer. The coordinate was for a treacherous area of the ocean known for killing sailors. Zxccft decided this was a sign and that the orb was trying to tell him were to go next. He set sail with his crew and arrived at the ring of island without event. Zxccft organized a landing party to try and traverse the mountain range. When his crew got to shore they were horrified to find the shoreline was covered with shipwrecks and dead sailors. The landing party decided that they no longer wanted to try and traverse the mountain range as it would obviously kill them all. Zxcfft was adamant though, so they decided to let him do it alone. Zxccft used his skill and intellect to successfully traverse the dense forests on the islands and to cross the vines connecting the islands. When he got to the other side of the mountains he was astounded to find a massive city. He was curious about the city and descended from the mountains to investigate the city. He walked through the streets, but he didn't see a single living soul. In the center of the city was a massive pyramid with a hanging garden built upon its sides. He walked to the top of the pyramid where a massive stone made of gold and marble floated in place. He was mystified at how a 2 ton stone could levitate without the aid of any machine. He then felt somebody staring at him and he turned around to see jiijii standing behind him. Zxccft was so alarmed he nearly fell down the pit the stone was levitating in. JiiJii asked zxccft how he got to the city. He told jiijii about the sphere of light and the submarine he made. A smile appeared on JiiJii's face and he explained that the city zxccft was in was called Anok. He also said that he had been sending out those spheres for hundreds of years in hopes that one day the civilization on the outside world would one day be technologically advanced enough to contact. JiiJii then explained the sophisticated technology and magic to Zxccft who decided to stay in Anok and help construct the city with JiiJii. (Story credit to Jiijiii)

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